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How I’m Managing My Overgrown Bob With Just 4 Products

Like every other Mane Addict, I’m in desperate need of a trim.

After months of letting my mane go unattended, my once blunt, chin-length bob has grown into a bit of a lob. An ardent supporter of a super short crop, this shoulder-length ‘do is uncharted territory for me.

My regular wash-and-go minimalist hair routine just wasn’t going to cut it- I needed to update my mane game to manage my new lock-length. Enter these 4 strand-saving miracle products. Read on to find out how I’m managing my overgrown bob at home with these 4 must-buys.

1. Amika Normcore Shampoo and Conditioner: $16 each

My too-long tresses are under serious stress. It’s been three months since my last cut, and with another two months on the horizon, I’m doing everything I can to repair and rebuild my sorry strands. Amika’s Normcore shampoo and conditioner has been instrumental in keeping my mane hydrated and happy. With omega-7 rich sea buckthorn and vitamin C, this killer cleansing routine has my lackluster locks looking silky smooth.

Via Sephora

2. Davines Oil All-in-One Hair Milk: $35

Here’s a new overgrown mane struggle I wasn’t prepared to deal with: tangles. Before the lockdown, my chin-length locks were getting a regular every 6-8 week trim so tangled tresses were pretty much obsolete. My post-COVID mane, on the other hand, gets snags and snarls on a regular basis (thanks, split ends). In order to combat tangles without inducing breakage, I’m relying on the Italian brand Davines for some necessary support.

Via Davines

3. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo: $14

Dealing with my overgrown bob has taught me one very important lesson: day-old strands are definitely the move. While my super short bob benefited from an every day wash, my longer lob needs the kind of texture you can only get sans shower. To combat greasiness and grime, I’ve been relying on one of my forever favorites a little more than usual. Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is lightweight and effective af, combining the power of fast-absorbing powders with the brand’s patented healthy hair molecule to actually cleanse and fortify your tresses without water.

Via Sephora

4. R +Co Park Ave Blowout Balm: $29

Before quarantine, I was into the airdry. But with longer and wavier tresses comes the need for salon-grade styling tools. To combat the inevitable frizziness of my somewhat split ends, I’m going all in on at-home blowouts. R + Co’s Park Ave Blowout Balm is ideal for smoothing your strands with ease. Formulated with rice protein and B vitamins, this perfect product nourishes and strengthens hair for a salon-quality blowdry that can’t be beat.

Via Dermstore

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