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The Low Knotted Pony

Every so often there’s a hairstyle that comes along that just takes your breath away. It’s rare–but such was the case at Alice and Olivia’s Spring 2019 presentation where models rocked effortless knotted low ponytails. For some, super long low ponies with this deliciously twisted semi bun was enough; for others, TRESemme’s Global Stylist Justine Marjan added streaks of neon for a unique, directional look. To add strokes of color without dye, Justine suggests to “add in dyed Hidden Crown Clip Ins at the crown of the head before securing hair in the ponytail for an on-trend, neon pop of color.” Alice and Olivia always brings a refreshing dose of print and color to fashion week, and this low knotted pony was the perfect compliment. For the full how to, scroll down!

Alice Olivia presentation NYFW Spring 2019 low knotted ponytails



How to Breakdown:

Step 1: Start by washing hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner to create a frizz-free foundation. Once hair is dry, spray the TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hair Spray Hold Level 1: Texture and brush through.

Step 2: Curl small sections of hair with the ghd Curve 1 inch Classic Curl Iron to create a loose, natural looking curl pattern throughout. For added thickness or length, pre-curl Hidden Crown Clip Ins and add in as well.

Step 3: Use a smoothing brush to tease the roots at the crown of the head for added volume. Create a clean center part and using your hands, gather hair in a low pony and secure with a KITSCH elastic.

Step 4: Grab two pieces of hair from the outside of the pony and tie them into a knot around the base and pin strands to the base of the scalp. Continue doing this two to three more times under the first knot working your way down.

Step 5: Secure loose strands with bobby pins and backbrush through the length of the pony for a messy finish. Complete the look with TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Hold Level 4: Extend Hair Spray to keep the look in place without creating stiffness.

2 minutes

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