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This Hair Mask Is a Game-Changer for Anyone Who Dyes Their Hair Red

This is going to sound like such a line, but I have been wanting to go red long before the copper craze. I finally took the plunge and swapped my brunette mane for some fiery locks. I wanted to make sure that my red stayed as vibrant as the day I got it done so I was on the hunt for an at-home mask that could refresh my color between salon visits. In comes the Oway Hmelt Mask.

Oway Hmelt Mask in Copper Gold | Mane Addicts

Cherilyn Farris, my hair angel and the stylist that took me red, always raves about this mask. I had been trying other at-home glazes and masks with no luck and pretty minimal results. On my last salon visit to refresh my roots, Cherilyn handed me the Oway Hmelt Mask in Copper Gold and said, “Trust me, it’ll be your new favorite.” She wasn’t kidding! This mask is a true game-changer for anyone that is or is planning on going red.

This deep conditioning mask is meant to re-energize copper, orange, or yellow hues. The Oway Hmelt Masks are uniquely formulated to boost hair color vibrancy and longevity with an exclusive collection of phyto-pigments and an ultra-low pH. The organic mullein nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft, increasing color retention and guarding against fading and UV damage. I kid you not when I say that multiple people came up to me the next day at work to tell me how punchy my color was and how glossy my hair looked.

After washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I towel dried to remove any excess moisture. I then applied the Hmelt Mask from my roots to my tips with my hands and then ran through my hair again with a comb to ensure the product was evenly distributed. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes and rinsed thoroughly. Pro tip: For increased intensity, extend processing time to 20 minutes.

Cristina holding the Oway Hmelt Hair Mask with a towel on her head making a kissy face to the camera | Mane Addicts

I’ve been using this mask for a few months now and absolutely love it! It’s by far the best product I’ve found to intensify my fading color in between visits to see my stylist. Not only does it leave my color looking incredible, but it also has it feeling so soft and hydrated which I love because I had to go through a few rounds of bleach. I highly recommend it if you are a ginger looking to add some spice back into your hair color!

Cristina with curly red hair tilting her head in a selfie | Mane Addicts

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