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How To Wear Your Hair With A Choker

Fall’s hottest accessory is getting us all choked up and we have the perfect way to style your mane to compliment this trend! The vibe is a mix of sophisticated 90’s and modern sleekness; the choker is the perfect accessory to embody this trend!

Seen on some of fashion week’s hottest runway shows, Balmain and Dior in Paris, and Pamela Rolland in New York; the choker is a sleek, edgy way to accessorize your neck- and your mane! 

Balmain Chokers Gigi Hadid Kendall Jenner

Balmain styled his army in fierce, bold, statement-making neck armor with the hair fashioned into sleek, high, extended ponytails by key hair stylist Sam McKnight. The extreme chokers were not overshadowed by overly styled hair, instead the simplicity and sleekness gives light to the strong accessory. 

Dior’s take on the choker trend was understated neck embellishments of silver paired with soft upswept tresses, styled into a low ponytail. The ladylike fashions were finished off with just the right amount of neck embellishment; the hair was the perfect finishing touch. 

On the New York runway of Pamella Roland’s ss16 show,  models wore the choker trend boldly. True to the trend, the hair was pulled back letting the choker do the talking. The modernness of the bold neck pieces were offset accordingly with low maintenance styled tresses.  

The following seasons will surely be showcasing the choker trend; it’s an easy way to add interest and boldness to your look. A simple ponytail whether sleek or soft will instantly be transformed into the perfect ‘It’ girl ensemble with this sleek neck piece!!!! 

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