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A Pamela Anderson Hair History

It-girls may come and go, but one blonde bombshell remains supreme. After more than 30 years in the spotlight, Pamela Anderson is still one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. With her signature platinum tresses, the Baywatch beauty continues to stun both on and off-camera. From classic beachy waves to sultry updos, there’s simply so much style inspo when it comes to this iconic actress. And we’ve got it all right here. Take a look back at Pamela Anderson’s best hair moments below!

1. Baywatch Waves

Pamela Anderson is perhaps best known for her truly iconic turn as CJ on Baywatch. The Canadian actress’s tousled platinum tresses are still so stylish decades later.

(via Getty)

2. Half-Updo

No one does sultry strands like Pamela Anderson. This curled half-updo at the 1994 CCAM Awards lives in our minds rent free.

(via Getty)

3. Wispy Curtain Bangs

Pamela Anderson’s wispy fringe is simply effortless. Especially when paired with a ’90s zig-zag part.

(via Getty)

4. Zig-Zag Part

An iconic ’90s style on the most iconic ’90s actress. The volume-enhancing zig-zag part was one of Pam’s staple styles back in the day.

(via Getty)

5. Undone Updo

Pamela Anderson is the ultimate queen of the undone updo. With the perfect loose tendrils and a lived-in aesthetic, this messy topknot is so chic.

(via Getty)

6. Baseball Cap

Cool girl vibes from this laid-back baseball cap moment. Here the actress rocks a classic accessory staple at MTV’s 6th Annual Rock n’ Jock baseball event in 1995.

(via Getty)

7. Feathered Headwear

The accessory inspo doesn’t stop at baseball caps. This fluffy pink pirate hat from Anderson’s 1999 MTVA VMA red carpet look is over-the-top fun.

(via Getty)

8. Voluminous Curls

This bombshell actress is perhaps best known for her voluminous barrel curls. With sideswept bangs, this sexy style remains her signature.

(via Getty)

9. Modern Beehive

Pamela Anderson took this retro staple and gave it 2000s update. This textured beehive moment is one of our favorites.

(via Getty)

10. Mullet

While she may be known for her long blonde waves, this film star definitely has range. Back in 2014, she traded her shoulder-length mane for a trendy mullet.

(via Getty)

11. Hollywood Glam

The versatility in Pam’s repertoire is astounding. From big, sexy curls to old Hollywood, high-glam waves, Pamela really can wear it all.

(via Getty)

12. Manicured Topknot

We love her undone looks, but this smooth chignon from 2017 is just stunning. Definitive proof that Pamela is still a red carpet goddess.

(via Getty)

13. Chicago Bob

Pamela Anderson made her broadway debut in this season’s rendition of Chicago, and we couldn’t be happier for her. This platinum blonde bob surely suits her.

(via Getty)

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