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HOW TO: NYFW SS16 Pamella Roland x Ted Gibson Sleek and Tucked

Ted Gibson Pamella Roland Sleek Collar SS16 NYFW

With a collection of beautiful dresses in unexpected fabrics, designer Pamella Roland hosted the first ever fashion show at the Whitney Museum of American Art with key hair by Ted Gibson. For her Spring and Summer 2016 collection, Pamela was inspired by the simplicity and linear focus of American painter and printmaker, Frank Stella, whose work on career retrospective will be opening at the museum at the end of October.

Ted Gibson Pamella Roland Sleek Collar SS16 NYFW

To compliment her streamlined silouettes, Ted Gibson created smooth and sleek hair with dramatic center parts. Some of the models wore bold metal collars, with the hair tucked inside (a trend we wan’t wait to try for fall!).

Ted Gibson Pamella Roland Sleek Collar SS16 NYFW


  1. Create a center part.
  2. Blowdry the hair smooth with Kerastase’s Mousse Bouffante.
  3. Apply L’oreal Professional Wet Domination Extreme Splash to the roots only.
  4. Attach collar around the neck and smooth down the hair inside the collar.
  5. For the girls without a collar, hair was teased and the crown, then smoothed over, attaching with two barrettes for a modern minimal bouffant.
  6. Use a rat tail comb to pick up and loosen hair around the face and at the sides from inside the collar.

Would you try tucking your hair inside a bold collar? We want to know what you think in the comments!

2 minutes

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