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3 Pandemic Hair Trends That Will Disappear Once Life Gets Fully Back to Normal

We’re not gonna lie: There’s a little nostalgia factor to those peak pandemic days when our camera roll was filled with endless selfies featuring brassy highlights, messy buns and grown-out roots. While we love a trip to the salon as much as the next person, knowing everyone was forcibly on the same page when it came to low hair maintenance was a very lax relief. That said, a year later, with many of us vaccinated, it’s back to the salon we go—meaning, there are some outdated pandemic hair trends that just won’t fly at our next meeting (via Zoom or otherwise).

To break down what we’ll bid adieu, we turned to celeb colorist and Biolage Global Ambassador, Sunnie Brook. So, snap that final unkempt selfie, and scroll below for outdated pandemic trends that will disappear once life gets fully back to normal!

Say Bye to DIY

“Throughout the pandemic, many people have learned that giving yourself highlights or an at-home haircut is not as easy as it looks,” Brook tells Mane Addicts. “After a year of pushing the limits on hair maintenance or playing hairdresser to the family, I think many people are ready to get a much-needed pampering and makeover booked in with the professionals.”

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Cut Off Your Hair

“A haircut is like a cleanse—it’s a fresh start and can feel so symbolic of a new chapter, and hair color can feel the same way, too,” Brook explains. “With the start of this new chapter, I think a lot of people are looking for a fresh start and are welcoming change.”

Basic Be Gone

“During a hectic year with so much happening all around, many of us wanted to keep our personal routines as low maintenance as possible,” Brook says. “But now, with the slow shift into life post-pandemic, we’re looking for something to excite and inspire us in our routines. Trying a new temporary hair color, like Biolage ColorBalms, for example, is a great way to still have low-maintenance hair but get that wow factor and much-needed change that can inspire you in your hair wardrobe. I think we’re going to see people exploring new shades especially in the copper and red families.”

Now that we know about outdated pandemic hair trends, click HERE to learn about what’s in (hint: bangs)!

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