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The Best Shade of Pantone’s Color of the Year for Your Skin Tone

One of the many things we look forward to at the end of each year is discovering which hue Pantone has chosen to be the color of the year. For 2022, they invented their own. Very Peri, a periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones, was chosen as the Pantone color of the year for 2022. The company notes that “Very Peri helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.” If you’re not quite ready to rewrite your life but are ready for a hair change, we’ve got you covered. Below, we share the best shade of Pantone’s color of the year for your skin tone. Ready to embrace all things Very Peri in 2022?

Very Pale Skin Tone: Icy Periwinkle

A bright shade of this hue will only wash you out. What you need is a lighter take on the shade to not overpower your pale complexion. Use your undertones to dictate what colors you add more of. For cool undertones, add a bit more purple or blue. Warm undertones will benefit from brightening up the red undertones in this shade.

Pale Skin Tone: Lilac

Lilac is a great color for more pale skin tones as it really makes your complexion pop. Again, you’ll want to mess around with the colors you highlight more, depending on your undertones. Don’t fret, your stylist can definitely help you with that. But do know that even though the lilac shade is a bit paler in comparison to other Very Peri shades, it won’t wash you out. We promise.

Medium Skin Tone: Deep Periwinkle

Going darker with your medium skin tone is absolutely the way to go. It adds warmth to your skin tone, no matter which undertones you have. Once it fades out into a lighter color, it will still look stunning against your skin tone and in your strands.

Olive Skin Tone: Pastel Periwinkle

You might think darker is better for your olive complexion, but we’re here to make the case for pastel periwinkle. It offers a deeper contrast and more dimension. Not only will your complexion be complemented, but your hair will too. It’s a win-win!

Light Brown Skin Tone: Electric Periwinkle

Amp up your skin tone with an electric periwinkle shade. Blue really pops on brown skin tones so make sure your stylist goes heavy on that shade and dials it down with the purple. You can even intensify it by going more neon if you really want to stand out.

Brown Skin Tone: Pops of Periwinkle

Whether it be just dyeing the tips, the roots, or a panel underneath, adding a pop of periwinkle throughout your hair is perfect for your skin tone. Purple looks so good, no matter the shade, splashed against your deep complexion. The key with this shade for your skin tone is to add more purple than blue. Periwinkle tends to be on the bluer side, though you can still achieve the shade with more purple.

Dark Brown Skin Tone: Violet

Violet is easily one of the best hair colors for those with dark brown skin. The two pair together so well, you’ll wish you had tried violet sooner. A deeper shade of Pantone’s color of the year will make your complexion dazzle. More purple or blue can be added to complement your undertones better, though it’s all up to you… and your stylist.

Black Skin Tone: Silvery Periwinkle

The lighter the shade, the more your dark complexion really shines. We love a good contrast and don’t see it too often. You may have some hesitation with going light, as it can be a very show-stopping hue, which is all part of the reason we recommend it. Take center stage in 2022 with a silvery periwinkle shade.

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