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PARIS: David Mallett Salon

David Mallett

Nestled just blocks away from the Notre Dame in the heart of Paris, you’ll find David Mallett Salon, perhaps one of the chicest salons you’ll ever step into. That is if you would call it a salon. With just a step into the hair legend’s beautiful space feels more like an artist’s loft adorned with one of a kind antique furniture, elite fashion books and magazine, and an array of intricate taxidermy.

David Mallett Salon Paris

Mallett opened his salon about 13 years ago when he decided he needed a space to accommodate the influx of clients he was seeing inside his home. However, he was weary of opening a space as his clients were accustomed to the relaxed atmosphere of his Parisian apartment and were timid about the assembly line feeling of most high end salons. It was in this attempt that David knew his space must reflect his personal space and finding the right location was everything.

In this beautiful open space, David’s salon has amazing light for color with large windows and high ceilings. On the patio there is lush vegetation and you can enjoy a cup of tea as your color processes.

David Mallett Salon Paris

The intoxicating scent of the David Mallett signature candles fills the air.

David Mallett Salon Paris

Each piece of furniture, every book, every piece of art has a story, and most of it came from David’s home or personal collection.

David Mallett Salon Paris

Here, whether you are a socialite, an actress, an artist, or a student,  you can enjoy a color service or cut in the hands of Paris’ best. Enjoy a treatment with David Mallett’s signature line of hair care, including the life changing Hair Serum Number 27 among other cult favorites.

David Mallett Salon Paris


Whether you’re in Paris for fashion week, for work, or vacation, a visit to David Mallett Salon will leave your tresses happy.

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