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The One Trend That Dominated Paris Fashion Week, According to This Celeb Hairstylist

Listen. We get it. We are as obsessed with Paris Fashion Week hair trends as you. We’ve poured over every blog, scrolled through every Instagram, and basically digitally stalked everybody there. That being said, nothing compares to being on the ground literally taking in every street style mane and seeing French it girls getting ready for the shows. We decided to stop speculating about what was going on and ask a celebrity pro on the ground about the hair dominating the city of lights. You won’t believe the one trend this hairstylist swears is taking over Paris Fashion Week hair.

Jillian Halouska confirmed the one trend that rocked the runways this season, “Headbands!” she excitedly reports from the City of Lights. We can’t help but agree. Models paraded down the runway at famed fashion houses like Dior with headbands fastened. They opted for two styles. The first includes folding scarfs into thick bands and wrapping that around a head’s circumference. The second way of sporting a scarf was having it tied behind both ears and letting a triangle of the cloth fold back from your forehead to the back of your head. Both ways are trés chic and we can’t wait to be sporting the style stateside!

Now that you know the real deal going on at Paris Fashion Week, HERE are all the drool-worthy street style looks from our fashion week stateside!

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