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MANESPIRATION: 10 Party Hairstyles You NEED to Try

party hair

We know choosing the perfect party hairstyle isn’t easy. You want the style to stand out, be a little bit fun, last through the night, not take you all day, and of course, make you feel sexy! No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 party hairstyles you need to try.

candice swanepoel tousled waves

1. Subtle waves are everywhere right now so don’t miss out! It’s a great style for any length hair and can be achieved in no time, especially with a Sarah Potempo Beachwaver.

Daisy Ridley Hollywood Curls

2. We love Daisy Ridley’s modern take on 20’s style hollywood curls. The glamour is still there, but its a little more undone and a lot more fun.

Side Part Hair Flip

3. This extreme side part with extreme texture adds a little edge to your look but still let’s you showoff your length. The textured portion adds a little dimension for those of us with thinner hair.

Gigi Hadid Slicked Back

4. The slicked back look is perfect party hair. It’s more polished & sexy than an every day style, and it takes your your hair off your face which really lets you show off a bolder makeup look.

Loose Waves

5. Instead of starting your wave at the crown, why not start it around your ear and keep the front straight and sleek? This is the subtle wave’s sister look and looks stunning with ombre coloring.

StellaMcCartney Front Row TopKnot

6. Topknots certainly had their heyday but they haven’t disappeared completely. If you still love the look, loose some of the volume in your bun and pull some short strands out near your ear. Perfectly Parisienne!

Sleek Dark Waves

7. Softened yet volumptious big barrel curls are very feminine and are always stunningly sophisticated. Modernize the look by focusing the volume on the bottom half instead of at the crown which gives it more of an ethereal feel.

braids by sunnie brooke

8. Make a statement and try a bold braid look and you’ll be sure to turn heads. It’s a perfect way to incorporate your accessories while being comfortable enough to dance the night away.

Bella Hadid High Ponytail

9. Like the slicked back look, the sleek high pony is sexy, polished and keeps the hair off your face. The pony, however, goes ones step further and pulls the hair up, elongating your neck and extending the line of your cheekbones.

 Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.50.55 AM

10. Chrissy Teigen’s curled half ponytail is the party-approved version of the cool-girl bun. The half up look is young and fun, but the curls make is formal and classic.

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