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Tracee Ellis Ross is Expands Hair Line to Include Affordable, Chic Accessories

It takes a lot to knock our socks off when it comes to beauty, but Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross did just that upon its debut.

The actress-turned-hair guru (who has become a total beauty boss BTW) nailed all the right formulas for girls with curl patterns and thick manes. Unsurprisingly, Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross does it again–this time, with the launch of hair accessories.

Here is everything you need to know about the new line!

(via Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross)

True to Tracee’s playful nature the brand announced the launch of the collection via their official Instagram.

Tracee is heard proclaiming her love of hair accessories before going on to explain her favorites from the collection. She pulls the cute packaging up to the camera and plays around with scrunchies.

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Pins Variety Pack: $17.00

These are a godsend when your style needs a little TLC. The tough-as-concrete pins are designed with extra voluminous hair in mind. The length, strength and texture of the design was all taken into consideration to support thicker manes. The reusable pouch guarantees that you’ll always have them handy. The variety pack includes 30 XL hair pins, 30 regular hair pins, 30 textured bobby pins and the aforementioned reusable storage box.

via Tracee Ellis Ross

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Ties: 5 for $6.00

These hair ties are crafted with extra care. They are designed to be incredibly sturdy, stretchy and durable. The world is your oyster as you fashion extra tight ponies, buns and every other hairdo under the sun with these strong ties. Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross also nailed the packaging with a chic reusable bag you can keep the hair ties in.

via Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Jumbo Scrunchies: 3 for $10.00

These beauties come in a three pack and can be purchased in satin or velvet finishes. These are perfect for when you hair needs a gentle but jumbo-sized grip. These keep big, beautiful hair dent free and are perfect for sleeping in.

via Pattern by Tracie Ellis Ross

Shop Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

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