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The Worst Hair You Can Ask for, According to a Top Celeb Stylist

Going to a new salon for the first time can always be an intimidating experience. Maybe you decided to graduate and are opting for a fancier salon. Your go-to hair pro could’ve also moved and now you’re stuck going to a new place where you feel a bit lost. Salon experiences should always put you at ease but if you ever find yourself in uncharted territory, this is the one thing you should never ask for according to a celebrity hair pro.

Salon Hair Mistakes

Paul Labrecque is the guy to go to when you have any burning salon questions. Not only was he voted by Vanity Fair as one of the USA’s Top Three Stylists, but he also owns salons in a chic New York City neighborhood, Palm Beach, and Philadelphia.

His one big no-no? Going against your features and natural hair texture. He explains, “The worse thing a client can ask for is something that goes so against their natural features and/or texture that it is impossible for me or another hairstylist to create,” Paul dishes.

Paul Labrecque has a few real-life examples because as you can tell, the guy has a ton of experience navigating clients through iffy asks. When pressed further about what a bad ask would be, he offers an example. “This would be a person with ultra-fine Scandinavian hair asking for a super graduated cut,” he begins. “It won’t work.” He also cautions against rich black hair with high porosity asking to go platinum blonde. “[If you] want to go platinum with no warmth to the hue, there will be damage,” he cautions.

Fear not, a good celebrity stylist always has an antidote to this type of tricky behavior. “I prefer clients to ask me what I think so I can direct them to what is best for their face shape, skin tone, and hair texture,” he confesses. Paul also has a formula he employs whenever a client is asking for something that is completely out of the realm of possibility. He starts managing expectations early on. “This is essential to doing good work and keeping everyone happy,” he says. Great advice for both clients and any up-and-comer artist.

Now that you know what is absolutely taboo at a fancy salon, voyeur on to THESE celebrity hair meccas in L.A.

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