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WHAT TO BUY: Paul Mitchell Neuro Tools

Paul Mitchell Neuro Tools Blowdryer

Dear self-proclaimed lazy girls: if you thought you had your getting-ready routine down to a science, you were wrong—very, very wrong. Blame it on Paul Mitchell Neuro Tools, which include three efficient gadgets that deserve a front-and-center spot in your hair arsenal. But there’s one particular tool from the collection we’d like to introduce to you: the Neuro Motion Touch-Activated Dryer. Sleek and lightweight, the  dryer turns on when you pick it up and turns off when you put it down thanks to MotionZone technology. What, no, how?! Yeah, take a sec to digest that information. It’s the key to cutting your getting-ready time in half— times three, or probably four. Now pick your jaw up off the flo’ and order yours now, because if there’s one recurring New Year’s resolution, it’s to be able to boast a low-maintenance AM regimen, right?

Got a secret weapon to cutting your morning routine in half? Tell us about it below! 

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