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Pearls Are Popping Up in Everything From Shampoos to Straighteners—Do They Really Do Anything for Hair or Are They Just a Gimmick?

Pearls are everywhere right now. There’s pearl powder, pearl essence, even pearl-plated styling tools. But do pearls offer any hair benefits, or is it just a gimmick? Are they more than just adorable hair accessories? We wanted to get all the details, which is why we reached out to celebrity hairstylist Paul Cucinello and dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian to learn the truth. Read on to discover the very interesting insight they each had to offer on pearl-based haircare!

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Do Pearls Offer Any Real Hair Benefits?

This likely won’t come as a huge surprise, but Dr. Nazarian shares that the evidence of pearls offering any benefits is minimal. Even so, there is some evidence that pearl powder may be somewhat legitimate.

“The use of pearls in haircare (or skincare) is still lacking,” Dr. Nazarian says. “The base of pearls is amino acids, minerals, and calcium. There is some evidence that pearl powder may offer a hydrating benefit, and offer free-radical-scavenging abilities. Theoretically, this might allow it to protect hair from natural damaging oxidative stressors from the environment. Further studies really need to be done to substantiate any of these claims.”

Paul points out how many cultures have utilized pearls for their hair and skin benefits for centuries. So while it seems relatively new, it’s been around for a while. And the gems do offer a substantial number of benefits, according to Paul.

“Pearls contain powerful anti-aging antioxidants that may aid in cellular repair, help synthesize collagen, and protect the scalp from dryness and tightening by increasing skin hydration,” he notes.

What About Pearl-Plated Heat Tools? Do They Do Anything for the Hair?

Pearls are also plating curling irons and straighteners, but do they do anything? Is there something special there? Not really. Paul points out that “pearl-plated tools are smoother than those that are uncoated, which provides slip and prevents damage.”

Dr. Nazarian shares that “the advertising of pearls in hair styling tools seems to be limited to its use in ceramic plates. The marketing is suggesting that by using pearls in the ceramic grills, that the air flow will be less drying to hair fibers, and will transfer ‘micro-conditioners.’ I haven’t found any evidence that using pearl in the components of the tools will actually improve hydration of hair.” That being said, she does point out how “consumers seem happy with their results.” So if pearl-plated styling tools work better for your strands, keep using them.

How Should Pearls Be Used to Benefit the Hair?

To really get the most out of these gems, Paul suggests sticking with pearl powder “because it’s the purest.” He shares that “it can be ingested 1/4 teaspoon at a time, once daily and applied topically to the scalp daily as well. It will assist in cellular turnover and prevent hyperpigmentation and provide protection from free radicals.” Say no more, we’re ready to add some pearl powder to our haircare routine.

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