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HOW-TO: Perfect the Beach Wave with Laura Polko

If there’s one thing that’s on our 2016 bucket list, you can bet it’s perfecting the beach wave. This simple look that seems so effortless in photos can seem nearly impossible when we try it on ourselves at home. Although she’s a city girl, hairstylist extraordinaire, Laura Polko looks the part of the mega beach babe, so we enlisted her to teach us a thing or two.


Long Blonde Beach Effortless Hair Laura Polko


Start on air dried or blowdried hair. This look works great on clean or day old hair.


Laura Polko Sectioning Hair


Starting in the back, split hair down the middle and draw large sections forward in order to wrap around the iron. Don’t worry about getting it too perfect in the back, as the front is what will really matter!


Laura Polko Wrapping Hair Around the Curling Iron


Hold your curling iron open, wrapping hair around the iron. Start the curl a couple inches from the root and hold on to the ends so that they stay free from the heat.


Laura Polko Curling Hair Curling Iron Beach Waves


Once the hair has been heated through, remove the strand and pull on the ends to relax the curl. Quickly run the iron through the lengths of the hair to relax the wave.


Laura Polko Curling Hair Curling Iron Beach Waves


Continue the same process on the other side of the head.


Laura Polko Beach Waves Beach Bum Spray Long Blonde Hair


Once the entire head has been curled, spray hair with Sun Bum Beach Hair Spray.


Laura Polko Long Blonde Beach Waves


Shake up the hair for an effortless finish and you’re good to go!



Hair/Model: Laura Polko @polkohontas

Photography: Desirae Cherie @desiraecherie

2 minutes

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