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These Are the Perfect Nail Shades for Your Hair Color, According to an Expert

If you’re anything like us, you’re fluttered with anxiety the minute you get to the nail salon. With so many shades to choose from, how do you know the perfect nail color for your hair color?

While most of us are naturally drawn to a neon or classic red, polishes are in fact not a one-size-fits-all situation.

We wanted to save ourselves (and our readers) the headache, so we turned to an expert. Keep reading as ORLY’s Consulting Nail Artist Brittney Boyce breaks down the perfect nail color for your hair color.

1. Blonde

Look for more muted shades. They don’t have to be pastel, as you can have fun with shades like coral and blue, but opt for ones that are a bit more subtle.


Tom Ford Sugar Dune: $37

ORLY Pink Chocolate $9.50

ORLY Midnight Oasis: $9.50

2. Brown

Rich shades look great on brunettes. If you’re choosing a nude, look for one that’s creamy.


Chanel Organdi: $28

ORLY Canyon Clay: $9.50

Tom Ford Bitter Bitch: $37

3. Jet Black

Bright reds and oranges look great in contrast with jet black hair! Play up the difference!


ORLY Haute Red: $9.50

OPI Put It in Neutral: $9

OPI Coral-Ing Spirit Animal: $9

4. Red

Look for colors that compliment your bright fiery hair. Have fun with metallics with a reddish undertone or even with jade colors that compliment red.


ORLY Rage: $9.50

ORLY Secondhand Jade: $9.50

Essie Topless and Barefoot: $9

Now that you know the perfect nail color for your hair color, THESE are the perfect hair products to steal from your boyfriend!

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