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The Perfect Shade of Chestnut Hair Color, Based on Your Skin Undertone

Red-tinted tones are one of winter’s biggest trends. From cool coppers to warm blended brunettes, a little bit of red is creeping into every color creation this season. Which is why we’re highlighting chestnut – the ultimate low-key hue. This warm but understated shade is super versatile, with ultra chic variations for every skin undertone. And, it’s really easy to add to your current mane sitch.

Find your ideal shade of chestnut below!

Warm Undertone: Caramel Chestnut

Golden and yellow undertones are the perfect compliment to a caramel chestnut hue. Get the ultimate cool-girl glow with this winter-approved shade.


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Cool Undertone: Classic Chestnut

When in doubt go for a classic. A classic chestnut color, with hints of golden auburn and a rich red base, is ideal for those with cool, or a mix of pink and blue, skin undertones.

Olive Undertone: Chestnut Balayage

A dark brunette base with a warm chestnut balayage is the must-have winter hair color for an olive undertone. This mix of muted ginger shades and deep chocolatey hues is almost too good to be true.


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Neutral Undertone: Light Chestnut

A light chestnut shade pops against a neutral skin undertone. A blended light brunette with just a shimmer of chestnut in the mix is exactly what your winter tresses are missing.


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