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The Rise of the Perm Is Upon Us

Between TikTok and Instagram, we’ve been served up plenty of perm content on our social media pages. At first, we thought it was just us. Then, we noticed more people discussing the rise of perms, and even more people actually getting them.

“We know this has been building for a few years with the rise of celebrating natural hair textures,” shares Curl Cult founder and hairstylist Janine Jarman. “Although we have always been the perm go-to in L.A. pretty consistently, we have seen a huge increase in requests for perms in the last few months.”

Actresses Debby Ryan and Ciara Bravo have both been styled by the Curl Cult pros in more modern perms. These aren’t the perms of the ’80s we often think about, there are much more natural-looking takes on the style.

Janine shares that this was due to the “K-Pop boy perm” that took off a few years back. “Now, we’re seeing clients lean into the perm to support trending cuts like the wolf cut and French bob. And more frequently requested are the beach waves, which we at Curl Cult call our ‘Cali Wave.'”

Perms aren’t what they used to be. In fact, there are a number of different styles of perms that can work for your unique hair type. Janine notes that many get perms to simplify their styling routine or to even out inconsistent texture. “As of late, the biggest trend is minimizing the steps in our beauty routine,” she says. “Therefore, getting any sort of perm can help achieve that, be it waves or fluffy curls. Daily styling becomes as easy as dampening your hair, using curl cream and a microfiber towel to scrunch the moisture out. This encourages frizz-free waves and texture that air dry to perfection.”

More than that, perms can be used for volume. “Perms don’t have to mean getting distinct waves and curls,” shares Janine. “You can use a perm to lift your roots or hold a blow dry for days longer than you otherwise could.”

Many have often believed that perms were only for those with curly hair types. However, that’s not the case. “Perms are for everyone,” emphasizes Janine. Ultimately, you’ll want to ensure you’re seeing a stylist you can trust. Curl Cult offers a salon locator to help find a service provider in your area. “Make sure to have a consultation so you can get all your questions answered,” Janine says. “I suggest finding pictures of curls you love and ones you don’t, that way you and your stylist can decide if your desired results are realistic.”

We’re ready to see the perm rise once again, and so is Janine. “Bigger hair brings out bigger confidence and personality,” she notes. “I’m excited to see the rise in this texture option for clients that have been limited by their own natural texture and to watch people get more from their hair by doing less and putting down the hot tools.” We couldn’t agree more!

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