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Chloe Eugene Souleiman PFW SS16

When Chloé debuted their Spring ready to wear collection, the runway filled with flowing silhouettes and perfectly tousled hair. We were picking up on some serious 90’s inspired vibes from these “cool girl” styles. Creative director Clare Waight Keller described the collection as “A tribute to girls named Kate, Chloé, Cecilia, Corinne, Rosemary, Emma, and Courtney” explaining that the designer grew up with the Motley Crew of models and “they represented a freer time”.

With some of the most wearable styles to hit PFW, Chloé had us wanting to steal the look right off every model on that runway. Youthful and fun tracksuits, festival dresses and miniskirts gave Chloé a unique and modern look back into the nineties.

Clare weighed in on the playful energy they took inspiration from this year saying, “I think we’ve lost the innocence of the spirit of fashion, the youthful optimism that it portrays. And I think there’s something quite joyful about fashion that’s been missing.”

Chloe Eugene Souleiman PFW SS16

The effortless styles continued in the hair and makeup on the runway. Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni used MAC cosmetics to keep a fresh look, as the classic nineties models did, by sweeping pink strobe crème across the lids and cheeks for a natural luminosity.

Chloe Eugene Souleiman PFW SS16

A stark contrast from his bombshell wigs and technicolor beehives, Mane Master Eugene Souleiman describes this effortless look, “It’s about freshness.” He played off the models’ natural hair textures, who washed their hair and let it air dry. Souleiman explained the reasoning behind his technique, “There are clean kinds of imperfections, which to me is beautiful. It’s like a celebration of beauty and women.”

In this case, less was definitely more and we’re officially obsessed with these simplistic, natural manes!

What do you think of the inspiring Eugene Souleiman’s latest mane masterpiece?

How do you rock an effortless, natural mane?! We want to know what YOU think!

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