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Balmain’s 2015 collection proved once again their aim is directed at women of effortless power and opulent stature; the hair played into those standards.  Long blunt ends finished with a slicked side part, had us dreaming in the land of all things luxe.  The master behind the manes?  Sam Mcknight… aka editorial, runway, and all around hair legend.  I had a chance to sit with Sam after the show and (in that chic sort of talk that only a hairdresser can relay) he described to me the vision behind the style.

What was the hair at Balmain inspired by?

The look was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and Lauren Hutton in American Gigalo.  So they’re kind of that late 70’s early 80’s kind of… rich bitch; powerful. Normally (at shows) the hair is much more relaxed, but this time it was more about  a definite sharpness… still in a simple way but inspired by.

How did you get the look?

We did a low side parting to make it sharp, and really slicked it down on the side that was pushed behind the ear. We extended the hair a lot (although most the models didn’t need it) but it was more about having the blunt line to cut into the hair.  Then I used a flat iron to straighten the hair and then flicked it a bit at the front to keep it away from the face; just to give it a hint of the 70’s.

What products did you use?

So many!  Everyone has different products and all the models have layers of product from the shows before, so we just wait to see what they come with.  Some girls just had hairspray, some with layers of mousse, gel, etc.  But we did use a lot of Sebastian Re-shaper and L’oreal Tecni Mousse just to gel the side down.  If girls had really frizzy  hair we’d use Kiehl’s Silk to smooth the hair out.

Be sure to follow Sam on Instagram for more #manespiration.

Photos: Schohaja

Behind the Scenes: Desirae Cherie

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