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The side pony took on a new personality at the Christian Dior 2015 Fall RTW show at the hands of Guido Palau. Described by the master himself as “sinisterly sophisticated” this wasn’t meant to be your typical fun side ponytail. Guido tells us his “Sci-fi” creation was a continuation of the strange childlike braids that we saw at Japan’s Dior show and the “austerity” of the Dior Couture show where we saw long singular ponytails with metallic ring connectors.

P1060756 copyP1060931 copy

Guido prepped and blowdried the girls with Redken Satinwear Blow-Dry Lotion for an extremely straight look. He then over directed the hair from one side to the other creating an asymmetric and clean base. All of the girls ponytails were created with extensions and Guido opted to leave them long, uncut, and “dull”.

P1060746P1060752 copy

He describes the look as a futuristic version of what one might think the sidepony tail should be, and explains that at Dior they never look back at a retrospective hairstyle, it is always futuristic.



Photos: Desirae Cherie & Style.com

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