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I Tried a $225 Hair Mask

It’s atypical that a hair mask costs more than a top-tier hot tool or a salon service, but Philip B.’s Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque has set a new standard in luxury hair care pricing. At $225, this is for sure the most expensive hair mask I’ve ever tried and probably one of the most expensive hair masks on the market—it surpasses the Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence, which retails for $147, by almost a full hundred. So, when given the opportunity to try it, I jumped at the chance to find out if it was worth the hype. 

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque | Mane Addicts
(Image Source: Dermstore.com)

Glowing Inside and Out

The packaging definitely backs up the price. The mask is housed in a gold jar with an extremely high gloss finish—it is so glossy that it’s actually reflective and could function as a mirror in a pinch. 

Aside from the packaging, the mask itself looks like gold. It is a viscous texture that is weirdly gratifying to put your hand in—think of the most luxe slime possible. The mask actually shimmers—there is nothing matte about it, and the sparkles throughout are impressive, especially when they coat your wet hair and give it a fun shine. 

All That Glitters

The mask doesn’t take long to penetrate and can be rinsed out after three to five minutes. It is fragrant but not necessarily sweet. The scent is lasting—I can smell it on my hair well after washing it. This lasting fragrance indicates why the mask is priced so highly—it relies on a time-released delivery system, meaning that the ingredients will keep hair soft and hydrated well after use.

Although the mask has the look and feel of gold, and is advertised as the “gold standard” of hair masks, there is no actual gold in it. Instead, pea peptides assume the role of the star ingredient. A hybrid of botanicals, apple fruit extract, and argan oil also feature prominently. 

My hair is definitely softer after my first use and clearly hydrated. And, although I didn’t pay for it, there is something undeniably bourgeois about using a hair mask that costs more than a good deal of my wardrobe—it’s a diva boost we all could use. The mask is available in smaller sizes which is a more economical option, mainly because a little will take you a long way. 

Although I’d have to keep using it to confirm if it’s able to completely transform my tresses, using a mask that’s as akin to gold as possible is a luxurious experience in it itself. 

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