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We Asked a Pro: Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Accessory

Accessories are a girl’s best friend. Whether you’re dressing for an evening soirée or primping for a day date, embellishing those tresses is the key to a well-put-together appearance. But picking the perfect piece to polish off a top-notch ‘do can be a challenge. Between selecting shades of scrunchies and sorting through dozens of classy clips and bedazzled barrettes, it takes some serious skills to accessorize a hairstyle. So, we sat down with celebrity hairstylist and accessory master, Bobby Eliot, to find out how to pick the right accessory like a professional. Read on for some killer tips and tricks to adorning your ‘do.

Ensemble Is Everything

When it comes to accessory selection, you should consider your entire ensemble: clothing included. “I would say it starts off with what they’re wearing,” Eliot says. “That usually determines everything.” From color coordination to an all-around aesthetic, the key to accessorizing is creating a cohesive look. “I’m not so much into using an accessory just to use it. It has to make sense with the total look,” Eliot explains.

Source Inspo Images

Sourcing inspo images is a must when it comes to picking the perfect piece. “I think it’s always important to have visuals and to have an idea of what you want,” Eliot recommends. From vintage-inspired pics to street-style snaps, visual references can help you create a look that works as a whole. Eliot often looks to decades past when it comes to inspiration. “I love the ’60s for referencing hair accessories. It was such a playful decade,” he says. “I also love the glamour of the ’40s. It was decadent and so glamorous!”

Consider Your Hair Texture

When it comes to your individual tresses, texture can definitely impact accessory selection. “The texture is so important because it’s such a huge part of the silhouette in a look,” Eliot explains. “It can distract from a look if you’re not careful.” Your accessories should complement your mane’s natural texture. Opt for simple embellishments: a gold Grecian headband on messy waves, a few glitzy barrettes with those wild curls, a simple silk ribbon on a loose low pony.

Don’t Go Overboard

It’s easy to go big when it comes to barrettes and bows. But going all-in on the accessories can overwhelm your appearance. “The biggest mistake I would say is over-accessorizing,” Eliot says. “I think you should have fun with hair accessories but know when it’s too much for the look.” While accessories can certainly stand out they should never detract from the overall look. Simpler staples may add more than you think.

Add Staples

A workable wardrobe is key. Accessorizing is a process, but adding some staple selections to your repertoire is a must. “A staple everyone should have is some black velvet ribbon (double-sided velvet) and a chic Lelet NY Barrett and Lelet Bobbi! Ultra-glam looks can come from just a few versatile barrettes and baubles.

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