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Currently Obsessing Over Pink Hair Tips

pink blonde dipped dyed hair

The dipped dyed look is the enviable trait right now. Madonna Instagramed her dirty blonde locks with vibrant pink tips and Iggy Azalea donned a platinum long bob with the same blush-toned ends this past week. A myriad of pastel colors have been present in the hair world as of late, but the pink dip treatment has been making its way to the forefront.

We turned to Pravana for their advice on this trend. Vadre Grigsby, Global Artistic Director of Pravana says, “pink is feminine, spans the seasons and is flattering on all skin tones, so it’s a great go-to. Pink, like red, runs the full spectrum from cool to warm, so everyone can wear a variation of the shade.”

pink dip dye

If you’re wondering how this look can be conquered on both light and dark tresses, Vadre Grigsby commented, “If you’re already blonde, pink is a great starting point for creative color. It’s the least contrasting and fades beautifully. For brunettes, consult with your colorist about the different shades of pink as some require more lifting than others. A professional will be able to assess what will work best. Both January Jones and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s colors can be created using VIVIDS Pretty in Pink color, which works best with fair skin tones. Jessie J’s color is a bit more bright so her color can be achieved by combining VIVIDS Pink and PASTELS Too Cute Coral.”

This look is a unique take on the mermaid pastel mane. It adds a bit of dimension and gives an edgy feel that will surely attract a double take.




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