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The Best Shade of Pink Hair for Your Skin Tone

Pink is one of the happiest hair colors. It’s eyecatching and bubblegum sweet, but how can you tell which shade will have you looking like Barbie instead of Pepto Bismol? The main takeaway regarding hair color and skin tone is that it’s all about what lies beneath. “The hack to choosing the perfect pink hair color is simply spotting the undertones in each individual shade of pink. Some pinks have more gold or warmth, whereas others have more blues and violets, or cool tones,” says celebrity colorist, Olaplex ambassador, and Colormelt inventor Chad Kenyon.

To figure out these undertones, check your veins under natural light. If they look green, you have warm undertones. Blue or purple indicates cool undertones. If you have a mix, that means your undertones are neutral. You can also grab some jewelry to confirm. If silver is more flattering, you’re cool. Does gold make you pop? You’re warm. Do they both look great? You’re neutral.

Finding the Best Shade of Pink Hair for Your Skin Tone

“We always want hair color to compliment skin tone so, in general terms, we create a hair color with undertones that are the opposite of or complementary to one’s skin’s undertones. For example, coral is in the pink family but probably wouldn’t be right for someone with a more golden complexion as hair and skin could cancel each other out aesthetically. A truer pink or even a cooler pink would be flattering on golden skin,” says Chad.

Cool Undertones: Pastel Pink

“I just colored Jen Landon’s hair for her character ‘Teeter’ for the new season of Yellowstone and I used Rose from Joico Color Intensity which perfectly complimented Jen’s skin tone and eyes,” notes Chad.

Warm Undertones: Magenta

Turn up the dial on your color. Warmer tones easily pull off a hyper-saturated shade like magenta.

Neutral Undertones: French Pink

You can pull off any shade, so go for the perfect pink blend.

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