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MANESPIRATION: Pixelated Hair Color

The pixilated hair color trend has been the hottest look to hit the world of hair artistry, translating graphic and bold pixels into hair color with the truest of precision.

Hair stylist, salon owner, and Pravana guest artist James Gartner has taken the pixelated look and put his own twist on it. Using the same precision, he has made this harsh and graphic look into a soft and melted effect.

Equalizer Hair Color

Inspired by the equalizer bars in music software, James explains his creative process in creating this Equalizer technique. “Seeing the pixilation looks in hair from fellow hair artists and friends from the team at X-Presion Creativos, to Philip Ring was so inspiring. I just knew I had to give my take on this cool look.”

So how was this technique dubbed the Equalizer? James explains, “While experimenting, my life and business partner took one look at the work I was doing and said ‘looks like equalizer bars in music software.’ I love music and thought that was genius.”

Although this technique didn’t come to Gartner overnight, through lots of dedication and practice he learned the rules of the pixilation process in order to add in his own style “through trial and error I practiced and experimented until I figured out how it was done (took me three exhausting weeks to get just right and about 10 mannequin heads)” he adds “once I knew the rules, I felt compelled to break them, in James Gartner fashion of course.”

And, because the pixel look was far from James’ coloring style he wanted to make this look his own “I love color to be soft and melty, but the pixilated hair on the scene was anything but that. So, I sought out to create a look that was just that.”  

After creating a platinum blonde canvas with a sleek and edgy cut, Gartner lays down the beat using PRAVANA VIVIDS LOCKED-IN in Teal, Purple and Pink.

This futuristic technique is a perfect example of the precision work that can be done with the bleed proof locked-in shades. 

We’d have to agree in saying this look is total genius; count us in for an equalizer mane!

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