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Your Guide to the Best Icy Platinum Hair

Does anything say winter quite like #SnowQueen-worthy  hair? To usher in the season and get into total Elsa mode, we rounded up the lightest, most ethereal of the platinum blondes. Maybe it’s the Kim Kardashian effect, but this color is gearing up to be a major winter trend. And TBH we’re not surprised as it’s definitely one of the most eye-catching shades out there. You are literally creating a light orb around you, which is equal parts face framing and glow-y. Swipe right for our ultimate guide to #snowqueen hair inspo, so you can report to your fave colorist, and make us wonder if maybe you really do live in an ice palace a là Tilda Swinton in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe


Okay–so you have platinum hair, but how do you take care of it? FOLLOW these tips for healthy platinum hair. 

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