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This Is the Best Smelling Rose Dry Shampoo

playa pure dry shampoo shelby wild playa haircare

Much to my man’s chagrin, I drag out my no-wash days for as long as possible. Hey, a girl’s gotta cut corners in some places to save time. So naturally, when a new dry shampoo moseys its way onto the market, you can bet I’ll make a move. What’s that I see? Another dirty strand savior I can count on. Gimme! Like when I recently spied the Pure Dry Shampoo from Playa, a botanical-based haircare line crafted by former fashion stylist Shelby Wild.

95% of the time I live an icky ingredient-free life so this SLS and paraben-free dry shampoo passed my first test. The second most important factor when I’m deciding for or against a dry shampoo is its scent. There are only three words to describe whether or not Playa’s dry shampoo lived up to my nose’s standards: OH MY GOSH. The bottle, white with a touch of rose-gold, immediately caught my attention when I read the words “Rose Petal Powder, Star Anise.” One spritz of the super lightweight dry shampoo onto my roots released a blast of breathtaking, can’t-sniff-enough scent combination. Its scent won’t be for everyone but pretty close to it.

Tied with the scent is Playa dry shampoo’s ability to do away with grease and shine—and Playa did just that. I put it to the ultimate test one day when, not having washed my straightened hair for three days, my roots sparkled like a New York slice of pizza. I shook the can and applied it to my roots in sections and noticed it instantly gobbled up grease and revived my roots from the underground dirt dungeon they fell into. The formula’s star ingredient is star anise, an antiseptic and antimicrobial agent that refreshes hair without disrupting the natural balance. Take my effortlessly-refreshed roots’ word for it and pick up Playa’s Pure Dry Shampoo pronto.

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