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How to Get the Right Playboy Blonde for Your Skin Tone

Playboy blonde is one of those colors that makes our imagination run wild. We picture old Hollywood glam and shiny golden locks that capture the California sun, illuminated in all light. Aside from being the bunny’s color of choice, we had questions about the ever-elusive Playboy blonde. So, we reached out to Guy Tang, a celebrity hairstylist who creates some of the most original hues ever to grace our feed. Here’s how to get the right shade of Playboy blonde for your skin tone and everything you need to know before you rock it.

A Guide to Playboy Blonde

“Playboy blonde is an ultra-bright blonde with a neutral to golden tone,” describes Guy. “This type of blonde is normally from root to tip. To modernize it, you can add a small shadow root for an easier grow out,” he adds, hacking the look for right now.

How to Get the Right Playboy Blonde for Your Skin Tone

To get the right shade of Playboy blonde for your skin tone, follow this simple guide to understanding your undertones. Ultimately, you want to warm up or neutralize depending on what’s under the surface. “For cooler skin tones the Playboy blonde should have a warmer golden tone and for warmer skins tones, the Playboy blonde should have a neutral tone,” Guy tells us.

“The brightness of the blonde comes from a tone that is on the warmer side, which is why a Playboy blonde looks best on the warmer side. But it really comes down to what your skin tone is and your personal preference. Your stylist can help you decide on the exact tone that works best for you,” he continues.

If you wind up with the wrong color, don’t panic. “It’s fairly easy for a stylist to change the tone of the blonde. So if you try a warmer tone and don’t care for it, your stylist can adjust to cool it down,” Guy shares of the versatile blonde.

What to Expect From the Hair Color

While if this is the ultimate shade of blonde is TBD, Guy says that he loves this shade for its “brightness and clarity. This type of blonde makes you glow!”

In this case, however, being pretty ain’t easy. “This beautiful blonde is a high maintenance color. Expect to have retouches about every four weeks and a thorough at-home regimen to keep your hair looking healthy,” he continues.  

When you’re over Playboy blonde, try out strawberry brunette. HERE’s your guide to the hue!

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