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7 Ways to Wear Plum Black, Summer’s Most Daring Shade

Classic summer blonde is taking a backseat this season. We’re looking toward darker and more daring tones at the moment. Among these deeper dramatic hues, the plum black hair color is a particular stand-out shade. This violet-tinted hue adds depth and dimension to ultra-dark strands. A sophisticated shade with just a little bit of a 2000s emo vibe—what’s not to like? Trade a sunny color for these seven dreamy plum black tones this summer. 

1. Classic Plum

Classic plum is truly just so subtle. A deep espresso shade takes center stage, while a plum-colored tint provides an understated flare when the sun hits those strands.


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2. Violet Tint

A vibrant violet really changes the entire vibe of a black shade. We love this saturated deep purple color.

3. Plum Black Accents

Even the slightest hint of a plum black hair color drastically alters a natural dark tone, especially on a curly mane.


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4. Plum Ends

Just a touch of plum black takes the dip dye trend to the next level. This commitment-free take is the ideal summer shade.

5. All Over Plum

Make over a brunette mane with a refreshing new hue, like this lovely all-over plum. Truly unique and more low maintenance than your typical purple tone.

6. Plum Espresso

This multi-dimensional tone can turn one-note tresses into a summer masterpiece. A deep espresso color combines with a gorgeous plum gradient to create this shade.

7. Plum Ombré

Dark roots and black cherry ends, this gorgeous plum palette is so sumptuous.

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