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5 Things to Use When You Forget a Hair Tie at the Gym

So you’re trying your best to stick to your New Year’s resolution that says you’ll workout more, you skip out on that after-work happy hour and drag your self to the gym instead only to arrive and realize you forgot a hair tie. You’ve made it this far so there’s no backing out of your workout now and since nobody likes sweaty hair sticking to them while exercising you have to find a way to securely keep your hair up and outta the way. So to make your gym sesh more bearable we’ve come up with a list of ponytail hacks you need to know when you forgot a hair tie at the gym.

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Shoe Laces

Did you change out of your work shoes and into your gym shoes? If yes and your work shoes have laces, simply gather your hair into a ponytail and wrap the shoelace around the hair a few times and tightly tie the lace and voila! You’ve got yourself a secure pony for your workout.

shoe laces ponytail hacks
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Paper Clips

If you have short hair, pull your hair away from your face and use a paperclip just like you would a bobby pin to hold your strands in place. If you have longer hair, pull your hair up, twist the hair like you would a ballerina bun and secure the ends of the hair with a few paperclips.

paper clips ponytail hacks
(via Pexels)

Tie It In a Knot

If you have medium or long hair, tying your tresses up in a literal knot should keep your hair in place even during the most intense set of burpees. If you happen to have dry shampoo or texture spray in your gym bag, spray some onto the shaft of the hair to create more of a grip and an even stronger hold.

top knot ponytail hacks
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Binder Clips

Twist your hair into a loop and then hold the loop against the head and clamp the binder clip onto the twist like you would with a hair clip.

binder clips ponytail hacks
(via Pexels)

Pens or Pencils

Gather your strands at the nape of the neck and twist and tie into a knot then stick a pen or pencil through the knot. The best part? If just like with your hair ties, you can never seem to find a pen – the tenant at your gym is bound to have one.

pens ponytail hacks
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