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18 Unique Ponytail Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

No other hairstyle will ever compare to a classic ponytail. If you’re tired of wearing the same style every day and want to upgrade your own ‘do, then it’s time to add more to the everlasting look with some ponytail inspiration. A ponytail in any hair texture could always use a little accessorizing here and there. Whether it’s a simple black ribbon or something as unexpected as wire, you can, in fact, dress up your pony. We’ve taken a cue from some of our favorite hairstylists and the updos they’ve styled on their own clientele. Take a look at our ponytail inspiration and be sure to take notes.

Pony Cuff

When a hair elastic won’t do, consider a statement hair cuff to make your look stand out.

Pin It

Hair expert Kathleen Riley took this high ponytail hairstyle to an even higher level. She added a few silver clips for a subtle surprise.


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A post shared by Kathleen (@kathleen_hair)

Flower Power

If you’re into more of a boho vibe when it comes to your hair, all you’ll need are a handful of flowers to recreate this magnificent ponytail hairstyle.


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A post shared by King Kort Jr (@kortinthecity)

All Tied Up

Add twists and turns with none other than wire. Glen Coco Oropeza added a futuristic hint to this look.


Here he did the same with white thread instead. This is a great way to stand out against lighter locks.

Silky Accents

Another great accessory to add to your ponytails are silk scrunchies.


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If you’re down with the scrunchie trend, consider incorporating them into your ponies. Janine Kerr twisted two green and blue velvet pieces for a colorful accent.


For more of a festival-inspired look, try hopping on the bejeweled bandwagon. This beautiful embellished ponytail was created by Janine Kerr.

Scrunchies for Short-Haired Girls

For shorter-hair girls, you can add some fun to your mini ponytails with a scrunchie. Rosemary Monica went for a classic black one when creating this style.

A Simple Black Ribbon

For a simpler touch, you can go for a black ribbon instead. Riawna Capri left the strands out for a contrast against the blonde.


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A post shared by Riawna Capri | Hairstylist (@riawna)

Sky High

The black scrunchie can also make a statement on much longer hairstyles. Chris Appleton created this sky-high ‘do on Kim Kardashian.


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A post shared by Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1)

Bandana Mama

Another simple upgrade for your ponytail hairstyle is to tie a bandana around it.

Pretty in Pearls

Swap your hair elastic or scrunchie for some pearls. Carly Walters created the illusion of an invisible hair tie with this set of pearls.


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A post shared by HAIRSTYLIST | Nashville (@carlyxhair)

Twisted and Clipped

For a more formal occasion, you can top off your look with dazzling clips. This ponytail hairstyle is perfect for date night.

Pearl Pop

Scattered throughout the ponytail and hair, these pearls really pop.

Snatched and Sectioned

The bubble pony trend has been huge over the last year. And the best part about it is that it’s so easy to create and works on every hair type.


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A post shared by By chino (@bychinof)


For a more elevated look, you could always try a simple bow like this ponytail hairstyle.

Dramatic Clips

Your hair clips don’t have to be boring. Justine Marjan went for a circular set when completing this ‘do.


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Unsure of which ponytail hairstyle to go with? HERE is the best ponytail for you, based on your face shape.

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