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MANESPIRATION: A Pop of Color at Paris Fashion Week

From the runway to the streets, colorful manes were a lovely addition to the fierce fashion frenzy at Paris Fashion Week. We don’t anticipate pops of color leaving our hair anytime soon, which is why we’re kinda, sorta, definitely over rainbow hair being considered just another “trend.” Like the uber-talented colorist Danny Moon once said, “It’s not a trend if you don’t look at it that way.” Right he is! Take a good look at Karlie Kloss’ blue ombre mermaid waves and Anna Dello Russo’s scattered bubblegum pink strands, and don’t forget Amanda Steele’s deep blue hue by Christophe Robin. Then try telling us you don’t wholeheartedly believe that playful hues aren’t ideal for taking tresses 0 to 100 real quick—uh, yeah, we didn’t think so. Here, the multi-colored manes we spotted at PFW that made us kinda hectic inside.

Blue Hair Karlie Kloss Paris Fashion Week

Light Pink Ombre Hair charlotte jones paris fashion week pfw loreal jerremy barniaud

Strand of Pink Hair Anna Dello Russo Paris Fashion Week PFW Eiffel Tower

strand of pink hair anna dello russo paris fashion week pfw loreal loewe

Grey Hair Half Bun PFW Paris Fashion Week LOREAL Jeremy Barniaud

Pink Ombre Hair Blonde Pink Choppy Bob Paris Fashion Week PFW LOREAL Jeremy Barniaud

Blue Hair Lob Amanda Steele Christophe Robin Salon Paris Fashion week pfw

Pastel Pink Hair paris fashion week pfw loreal jeremy barniaud

Rainbow hair mermaid waves natasha poly paris fashion week pfw

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