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3 Commonly Used Hair Products You Actually Don’t Need, According to an Expert

If you look through your own arsenal of hair products, along with those of your friends or family members, there are a few likely givens across the board.

While your preferences may differ as far as brand or price point are concerned, the products, themselves, are probably the same. But interestingly enough, some of the most popular buys on the market are, in fact, items you can do away with.

We reached out to Artemis Tsai, Global General Manager of SHAAN HONQ (parent company to SH-RD), who broke down three commonly used hair products you actually don’t need. Keep reading for what she says you can remove from your shopping cart.


When gel starts being overused, you develop extreme flaking and greasiness. Also, the high presence of alcohol tends to suck out all the moisture of your hair.


Even though mousse gives one a highly desired “wet look,” it actually drains out the moisture from your hair just like gel. The film that’s left on your hair also leaves it less than desirable.  

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your hair. Take the extra effort to apply shampoo and conditioner separately and you’ll feel a difference. Your hair and scalp will thank you for it.

Why People Are Dependent on These Products

People are attracted to convenience and price. A lot of these products tend to be cheaper ways to style your hair. But think of this as fast food. It’s not the best thing to put into your stomach, but does it get the job done by getting you full? Yes.

On the flip side, HERE are three overlooked hair products you should absolutely be using!

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