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Post Beach Mane Maintenance to Save Your Salty Strands


The only thing scarier than a shark sighting at the beach is realizing the damaging effect salt water has on hair. Sure, the ocean air creates mermaid waves so mesmerizing you’ll want to snapchat a #selfie to everyone in your contact list, but too much exposure and it’s likely to cause brittle, dehydrated locks.

But rather than break up with beach for good, we’re throwing out a few lifesaving tips for your next salt water soiree.

Natural Hair Beach

1. Rinse hair with fresh water the first chance you get to wash out any salt water left on the surface of your hair. Many beaches have showers near the bathroom or DIY with a water bottle.

2. Shampoo and condition hair soon after rinsing with a clarifying shampoo for a deep clean that will help prevent any additional damage. We recommend a sulfate free shampoo followed by a super-rich conditioner with plenty of oils and Vitamin E.

The Salty Blonde Beach Blonde Hair

3. Give your hair a major moisture-boost with a hydrating hair mask that will restore what you lost riding the tide. A good restorative treatment will help do the heavy lifting, repairing damage and leaving you with silky soft strands.

4. Seal in the moisture you just regained with a multitasking oil that smooths frizz and seals split ends. As an added bonus, hair oil is a great detangler if your hair is a matted mess from seaside breeze.

5. Sleep easy on a silk pillowcase, knowing your hair will remain soft, smooth and moisturized overnight. Unlike cotton pillowcases, strands won’t catch or kink on silk. It’s the picture perfect way to end a day on the beach.

The Salty Blonde

What’s your fav way to treat your tresses post beach day? We want to know in the comments below.

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