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Instantly Change Your Hair Color With Pravana’s Color-Changing Hair Dye

Here at Mane Addicts HQ, we’ve experienced a lot of eye-catching hairstyles, gadgets, and products galore. But what made our jaws drop the other day can’t compare to anything we’ve seen before. Case in point: Pravana’s Heat Reactive Vivids Mood Color, the mane industry’s first-ever temporary hair color that reacts to various forms of heat, and changes back when it cools. A video posted by @theygo2jared is where we first spotted Pravana’s color-changing hair dye (press play below ASAP to see what we mean).

In an interview with Modern Salon, product development manager Lissette Cruz said Pravana’s color-changing hair dye can be applied on natural or pre-lightened hair, but that they show up best on lighter levels. The wicked touch can be added to any service for an additional $5 to $10.

Wondering if the heat-changing hair color will stain? We’ve got you covered. “No, however more porous hair may need an extra shampoo to completely remove the color.” It’s safe to say we’ll be snagging the color-changing dye for our strands. After all, who doesn’t love a fun way to experiment with color without the commitment? And just look at those results!

While Pravana’s color-changing hair dye is truly magical, it isn’t cheap. The Vivids Mood Heat Activated Hair Color Kit from the brand will set you back nearly $50 on Walmart. So is it worth it? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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