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Princess Diana’s Most Iconic Hair Moments, Ever

Princess Diana was an icon the moment she stepped into the public eye. Her style and grace continue to inspire us today– and let’s be real, no one did a feathered bob quite like the princess herself. From her classic shaggy pixie to her penchant for statement headwear, Princess Diana gave us decades of stunning hairstyles to emulate.

We’re honoring this awe-inspiring woman by taking a look back at her 10 best looks below! Craving more Princess Diana inspo? Watch Kristen Stewart in the biopic film about the late princess, Spencer.

1. Wedding Bliss

No one does a wedding day quite like Lady Di. This historic look is instantly recognizable, with her classic bixie cut gorgeous tulle veil.

Princess Diana Wedding Bliss hair | Mane Addicts

Via Getty

2. Sideswept Bixie

This is perhaps Princess Diana’s most iconic hairstyle to date. Her perfectly shaggy pixie is just so chic, even today.

Princess Diana Sideswept Bixie | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

3. Feathered Tresses

Diana’s iconic crop evolved with the times. This mid-80s snap is giving us layers, volume, and a whole lot of hair envy.

Princess Diana Feathered Tresses hair | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

4. Tons of Texture

Princess Di has 90s style nailed. With platinum ends and slightly grown out roots, her textured pixie is too good.

Tons of Texture | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

5. Classic Cap

Can we talk about her hat game? Princess Diana looks totally put together in this tam o’shanter style hat.

Classic Cap | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

6. Ski Chic

Has anyone ever looked this cute on the slopes? Probably not. The headband and bob combination is working giving us sporty chic.

Ski Chic | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

7. Retro Aesthetic

Princess Diana could pull a retro moment off like no other. These 40s-inspired curls are phenomenal.

Retro Aesthetic | Mane Addicts

Via Getty

8. Manicured Pixie

Taking her shaggy strands to a sophisticated new height. Here is another iconic aesthetic from the people’s princess.

Manicured Pixie | Mane Addicts
Via Getty

9. Matching Accessories

Another excellent hat from this accessory goddess. This matching periwinkle ensemble is unforgettable.

Via Getty

10. Ladylike Look

Lady Diana is a ladylike vision in, yes, another stunning hat and her classic waves. The woman pretty much ruled the accessory game.

Via Getty

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