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5 Product Types to Avoid If You Are Breaking Out in Your Hairline

Listen, no zit is a good zit, but we all know there are particularly band ones. Acne can take many forms, but one especially hateful type of breakout is in your hairline. It gets exacerbated with every style and it seems to take forever to heal. If you find yourself breaking out more frequently in your hairline, you may need to rethink your haircare routine. Below, we share five products to avoid for hairline breakouts and why. See which products you need to ditch ASAP!

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Hair Oils

Oils can work wonders on frizz and dry hair. That being said, they can also wreak havoc on your hairline. Of all the products that cause hairline breakouts, these are the most common culprit. If you are prone to breakout, opt for only applying hair oils at the end of your strands. If your hair grazes your jawline or any other part of your face, you should skip oils altogether. Anywhere that your oil-soaked hair comes into contact with your face will inevitably turn into a breakout.

Conditioners With Oils

A good number of clean conditioners make up for the lack of chemicals with natural oils in their formulas. Although great for your hair, it’s not so hot for your hairline. The oils in these formulas can create breakouts as the conditioner is washed off in the shower. Not only will your hairline become breakout central, but you will also start to see zits on your back, chest, and anywhere else the conditioner washed off. Stay away from conditioners that list oils as one of the top five ingredients on the label.

Shampoos With Silicone

Similar to the above-mentioned reasons why you should steer clear of oily conditioners, you should also consider doing away with silicon shampoos. Although these tiny plastic particles can give your hair a great, slippery feeling, they can also be washed off to your hairline and cause pimples there. Opt for silicon-free formulas when trying to clear out your hairline breakouts.

Dry Shampoo

Yes, we know, dry shampoo is the absolute best. We swear by its convenience and have thanked our lucky stars multiple times when it cuts down our time between the gym and drinks with friends. That being said, it’s very likely the culprit behind your hairline breakouts. Some dry shampoo formulas can clog pores and create pimples. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it can also cause buildup and dermatitis. Opt for clean formulas and try a few before you commit to a brand. Not all dry shampoos are created equal and some may cause less damage than others.

Products That Don’t List “Non-Comedogenic” on the Label

You may not know how to pronounce the word but having it on a label is a good thing, trust us. Non-comedogenic is a fancy way of saying a formula won’t clog your pores. If your breakout problem is serious, make sure any hair product that comes into contact with your face has “non-comedogenic” on the label. It will help assure that the pores around your hairline stay nice and clean, free of zit-causing blockages.

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