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The Best Products to Beat Frizzy Hair Once and for All

When the temperature rises, and the humidity goes up, it can only mean one thing for your mane—it’s about to get frizzy. Frizz can happen any day of the year, but it tends to get especially dreadful during the summer. The humidity, the heat, it all contributes to frazzled strands. To spare you from fluffy hair, we rounded up some of the best hair products for frizzy hair to help you tame your tresses. Whether you’re looking for the best products for frizzy hair trapped in humidity or best drugstore products for frizzy hair, we’ve got you covered. Scroll below for all the hair products you need!

Girl with red frizzy hair flowing in the wind at the beach
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Hey mane muse, we wanted to give you a heads up that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. What does that mean for you? It just means that Mane Addicts will collect a small share of the sale from any purchase you make from the products we recommend.

Shaz & Kiks Back to Your Roots Scalp + Hair Prewash: $60

Put this mask on while your running errands and combat frizz head on. You’ll feel all the more luxurious when you wash it out. This brand is waterless, super clean, and based around ancient Indian hair rituals. Needless to say, we’re sold.

(via Verishop)


Sky Organics Bouncy Curl Cream: $9.98

This is one of our favorite drugstore products for frizzy hair. If you’ve got curls, generously coat them with this cruelty-free cream and forget your frizz fears. It’s one of the best products we’ve ever used.

(via Walmart)

Prose Custom Leave-In Conditioner: $25

Like free food, custom haircare hits better. Fill out the questionnaire on Prose’s web portal and receive your personalized hair concoction, which will undoubtedly help in your fight against the fuzzies.

(via Prose)

Moroccanoil Treatment Original: $44

Oh how we love Moroccanoil! Suitable for all hair types, this treatment has been saving tresses from frizz for ages now. We love the entire line, but always default to the OG—not only because of how it transforms our hair, but also because of its signature fragrant goodness.

(via Moroccanoil)

 Monat Studio One Air Dry Cream: $27.89

There’s no need for heat with this air dry cream. Simply embrace what you’ve been blessed with and head out the door in any weather. Yes, it will keep your tresses tame no matter the temperature.

(via Walmart)

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray: $12

This heat-activated magic potion protects your fresh blowout against the elements in a way that can only be described as alchemy. You’ll never want to work through your hair routine without it.

(via Ulta)

The Beachwaver Co. Pro Dry Midnight Rose: $149

Nip frizz in the bud with this pro dryer for a silky smooth style by celeb stylist and hair pro Sarah Potempa. Featuring a cool shot button, the newly launched hot tool locks in your look and seals it with a glossy finish. Can your blowdryer do that?

(via The Beachwaver Co.)

Insert Name Here Miya: $54

Or you could say F-it. Even if frizz wins, there’s no need to have a bad hair day. Hide your actual frizzy tangled hair with extensions. We love the pony options by INH. They’ll fool even those closest to you and make you feel like a pop star, humidity be damned.

(via Insert Name Here)

There are more reasons than just humidity you can blame for frizz. HERE are eight unexpected things that can make your hair frizzy!

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