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4 Key Products Giving My Deeply Damaged Locks Life Amid Quarantine

My hair is a plentiful yet chaotic wad of matter.

Believe me, I’m grateful for every last strand (well, except for the gray ones, but we’ll save that for another day)—but it’s not easy to manage. Unless I wear it up every day (which still looks haphazard given the curl and coarseness), I’m forced to use heat pretty regularly. The combination of hot tools and texture makes for some pret-ty damaged locks.

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That said, amid quarantine, I’ve had more time to play around with products I’ve either purchased or have been fortunate enough to receive as media samples. And on one fateful Friday night, everything came to fruition. I took two products I use regularly, added in one that I’ve tried a couple times and tacked on a new mask, and the results were truly magnificent, as you can see in the video below.

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flaunting my freshly washed mane for @maneaddicts 💁🏻‍♀️

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Keep reading for the four products giving my deeply damaged locks life amid quarantine.

Step 1: Beigic Scalp Revival Purifying Scrub: $38

Beigic is a K-beauty line that happens to make one heck of a scalp exfoliant. Made with anti-inflammatory sea salt and mint menthol, you can totally feel the product seep into your scalp and even sting a tiny bit as you deeply cleanse. The product feels and smells refreshing, providing a delightfully cooling finish. This is how I begin my hair washing experience.

Step 2: Shu Uemura Art of Hair Cleansing Oil: $58

Next, I use a clarifying shampoo. I don’t consider this an absolute necessity for everyone, every time, but for me, I only wash my hair once a week or less, so by the time I’m ready to go, there’s plenty of buildup from sweat, hot tools and the environment (I rarely use product). Shu Uemura’s critically acclaimed Hair Cleansing Oil always makes my strands feel squeaky clean, and setting the foundation for what’s next to come.

Step 3: Joon Saffron Rose Shampoo: $28

For the regular shampoo part, I’ve been using Joon’s new Saffron Rose Shampoo. The product smells like pure elegance, but aside, it’s an “Antioxidant Powerhouse,” made with saffron, rose, pistachio, Vitamin E and ginger, to name a few ingredients. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean and pristine.

Step 4: Bella Spirit by Chaz Dean Restorative Re-Moist Hair Mask: $144

This one’s a pretty penny and, truth be told, I completely understand why. The 40-minute mask—packed with lavender, cucumber, and eucalyptus herbal botanical waters, as well as the brand’s own blend of extracts, oils, and amino acids—truly, truly revives. I can’t imagine not using this in the shower ever again. And my hair stays looking this great for at least a week!

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