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09 . 28 . 15
Ashley Rubell
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Ashley Rubell

Ashley Rubell is a New York based hair stylist and contributing writer to Mane Addicts. Originally from Los Angeles, Ashley was trained at some of the best salons in Beverly Hills before making the move to NYC. She has assisted some of the leading names in our industry including Giannandrea, James Pecis, Eugene Souleiman, Guido Paulo and MA founder Jen Atkin. Her clients include Nike, Marie Claire, and Refinery 29. As a freelance hairstylist with a professional background in fashion PR and Marketing, Ashley loves the opportunity to learn about new products and brands, and share the unique stories of her peers, mentors, and clients that inspire her every day.When off set, she spends her time camping, traveling, and writing for mane addicts around the world.
Ashley Rubell
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When building a foundation for your work, it’s important to pay attention to the products and the effect they will have on the hair. “A product in the hair is going to do one of two things: grip or slip,” says Mane Master Neil Grupp. If you don’t know Neil, teaching is one of his strengths. Trained by industry leaders Duffy, Eugene Souleiman, and Malcolm Edwards, Neil not only has a great understanding of how to achieve the results his clients are looking for, but is able to articulate the how and why behind his decisions. 

Here are some of Neil’s best kept secret weapons when it comes to that added grip or slip…


Products for Grip by Neil Grupp


“I like this product best on clean, dry hair. Wet hair will dilute the strength of the grip you can get with this stuff. And I love it’s spray application.” 


“This is a great one when you want the option of putting the hair up. If you spray liberally, you can avoid using lots of pins in the hair when it’s time to pull it up or back because that grip is already in there. And that’s important when you need to make fast changes on set.”


“This stuff is instant. It’ll add a really good lived in texture and if you want to get rid of any shine, this will help with that. It gives that cool downtown look when you don’t want the hair too done or pretty because sometimes that’s just not believable.”


Products for Slip by Neil Grupp


“Sometimes you’ll overcompensate the grip, and this puts moisture back into the hair without losing the texture you created or weighing it down too much.”


“This product lets you spot treat the hair with shine. On set sometimes you can play with the lighting and if it’s right above the hair, adding a little tinsel to that spot will reflect the light so you get some shine.” 


“Water is always a must in my set bag. It reactivates what you’ve put into it. Sometimes you want to fix the hair with more product but the more you add, the more you weigh it down. The Evan mist will add a little slip while keeping the form and shape that’s already there. And it’s also good if you need to pull out some of the curls.” 


“…and a little wind never hurts either, sport. ” 

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