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Prom Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally curly girls have unlimited options for prom hair. Whether you want to rock your natural texture, define your waves, or straighten it out, you can do no wrong. We’ve got you covered as these styles are sure to make your special night memorable and have the whole school turning heads. Scroll below for the best prom hairstyles for naturally curly hair!

Curly Crown

This curly queen enhances her crown with a blingy tiara. Even if you aren’t on the prom court this year, you can still adorn your naturally curly hair with a crown of your choosing.

High Ponytail

Take a page from Ariana Grande’s book and create a snatched high ponytail that heightens your ringlets. Plus, having your hair up and out of your face will make it even easier to enjoy your prom.


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High Braid

Turn that pony into a braid and bedazzle it for extra pizazz.


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Romantic Boho

Relaxed waves and boho braids are a match made in prom heaven.


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Down to There

Let your curls do the talking. This totally touchable look is effortless at its best, that way you won’t have to fuss over your curls at prom.


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Half-Up Half-Down

A classic half-up half-down style is the best of both hair worlds. Update it for prom 2022 with freshly curled money pieces.


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Euphoria High

Give in to Euphoria inspo with pearl (or crystal, or sequin, or butterflies…) hair decals and let your natural texture do its thing.

To the Side

Create a deep side part and go to town with decorations, offset by a super cute voluminous bang.

Slicked Back

Create a hyper-defined middle part and play with texture, allowing sleek and straight to give way to a voluminous bouffant.

Want to try mermaid waves for prom on your curly hair? HERE is how Kendall Jenner’s stylist recommends you do so!

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