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The Custom Haircare Line the Entire Mane Addicts Office Is Obsessed With

In today’s oversaturated beauty industry market, to imagine a bespoke product formulated for your exact hair type, texture, goals, and environment would constitute wishful, if not delusional, thinking. Prose Hair, however, made every hair and earth conscious girl’s dream a reality when it curated a portfolio of 76 highly effective, natural ingredients which the brand infuses into its personalized hair products.

prose hair shampoo

Founded by a group of beauty, science, and tech industry professionals—namely Arnaud Plas, Catherine Taurin, Paul Michaux, and Nicolas Mussat—Prose offers a comprehensive stylist-approved hair consultation to determine what ingredients make it, and don’t make it, into your custom Prose products, all of which are sulfate-free, paraben-free, dye-free, GMO free, and cruelty free to begin with. I’ve taken hair consultations in the past but none have asked such specific questions as Prose’s. For example, the city I live in, my exact physical activities, and how often I wash my hair, were just a few of the details Prose utilized when formulating the daily care products for my hair type and texture—even going so far as to let me select the scent for my products.

prose hair review

Because my goal is to imbue my dry, sometimes-oily curls with moisture and curl definition, the consultation yielded a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask made with fresh ingredients in Prose’s New York Lab personally for my hair (which, quite frankly, makes one feel special). In the mail arrived my Prose package which included assessment results that outlined the ingredients, and their purposes, of my products. I’m a tough shampoo critic so I was most eager to try the shampoo, which for my hair, was formulated with Sunflower Seed Oil (helps to rebalance the scalp); Vitamin F forte, (restores the scalp’s lipid barrier and conditions dry, brittle hair), and Vegetal Oil (improves texture via a natural conditioning formula).

prose hair review

I hadn’t washed my hair in two days so I was on day-three hair (greasy roots and all). After wrapping up an intense cardio session at the gym, it was the perfect time to put my custom Prose Shampoo to the test. I lathered with 4-5 pumps, making sure to massage my scalp, as I caught a whiff of the shampoo’s delicious spicy, floral scent. After rinsing I expected to follow up with conditioner, as I normally do, but when I felt how soft my hair was solely as a result of the shampoo, there was no need for conditioner. Gasp. How could it be, I thought. I ran my hands over the length of my hair and ends once more to make sure I was correctly understanding what had just happened. Shampoo, but no conditioner? My mane had officially experienced its most surreal moment. I’ll wait to see how my curls dry, I thought, then I’ll make a final decision. Much to my surprise, my curls also felt soft and dried uniformly with amazing definition. The icing on the cake was when I touched my roots to feel for any traces of grease, and felt none. My roots looked clean and physically felt refreshed—a big deal considering I was on day-three post gym hair. The verdict: Prose’s Shampoo outperforms 95% of every shampoo I’ve ever tried, making it easy for me to skip conditioner and save time in the shower.

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