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I Tried the Prose Custom Shimmer Hair Oil, so You Don’t Have To

Every so often, a haircare product comes along that I have to have. And when I mean “have to,” I mean I will not rest until said product is in my possession. This time, it was the Shimmer Hair Oil from Prose.

I came across this product on Instagram, as one does, and immediately reached out to the Prose PR team to see if they’d be willing to send me my own bottle. They agreed, which simultaneously made me the happiest consumer in the world.

Keep reading to learn more about this limited edition product and read my honest Prose Custom Shimmer Hair Oil review!

The Product

The Shimmer Hair Oil is a custom, limited edition product from Prose. With every haircare product they make, this one is blended specific to your haircare needs.

Every hair oil gets its shine from sourced recycled jewelry that is turned into gold and bronze powders. Additionally, the product comes with unique oils to repair, renew, or moisturize your strands as needed.

Not only can you use this product on your tresses, you can dab it on your skin to add an extra bit of glow to your complexion.

The Experience

I was so excited to try this product that I couldn’t contain my excitement when I received it. I basically danced around my house when I received the package.

Prose Shimmer Hair Oil in green box
(I’m ready to enter the golden era!)

From the box it came in to the bottle itself, everything about this oil was perfect. My custom hair oil was mixed with the signature gold and bronze powder to create the shimmer, along with Siberian pine nut oil for shine and rose hip oil for moisture. The two oils were picked out for my hair needs, but the powders are standard.

I was impressed with how much shimmer was in the bottle of hair oil. It looked shinier in person than it did on social media.

The first time I used it, I applied it to my wet strands after a shower. I was initially impressed with the flowery scent of the oil. It was a refreshing scent, which can’t always be said for most hair oils.

When applying it to damp tresses, I noticed the shimmer stuck more to my hands than my strands. And I didn’t notice as much shine when I blow dried my hair. My ends did feel less dry than usual, which I believe was due to the oil.

I was more excited to see how it made my hair sparkle when used on my dry strands. The shimmer still stuck to my hands, though it was easier to disperse through my dry strands than my wet ones. And it was very easy to wash off.

White girl taking a selfie in front of a wall of flowers and leaves
(Blinded by the light… literally.)

Taking a photo that showed off the shimmer was near impossible, especially because it wasn’t as intense as I was hoping for. I think I needed to put more in my strands. I didn’t want to use too much and completely overdo it.

My hair is also already pretty bright, so I think that’s why the shimmer wasn’t as intense. If I had darker hair, I feel like it would’ve shown up a bit stronger.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I really enjoyed this limited edition product from Prose. It was a nice reminder that haircare can be both fun and beneficial. You don’t need to choose one over the other.

My only qualm is how lightly the shimmer showed up in my hair. As moisturizing and nourishing the oil was for my strands, I was more concerned with the sparkles glimmering in my hair. Again, I do think it was a combination of me needing to add more and my hair already being fairly bright. I think the shimmer will show up a lot stronger in darker tresses.

Currently, the shimmer hair oil is sold out, as it was a limited edition product. But, you can still purchase custom haircare products from Prose for your unique hair concerns here.

Hopefully, they end up restocking the shimmer oil, because it would make 2021 that much sparklier for everyone!

Prose is just one of our favorite custom haircare brands. HERE are four others that’ll give your locks exactly what they need!

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