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Here’s How You Should Be Protecting Your Hair From the Sun

We’re welcoming the warmer temps with wide-open arms, but our hair couldn’t be less excited about summer’s arrival. While we spend our sun-drenched days doing the most with friends and fam, our hair suffers from the sun’s hellish heat. Ahead, seven tips to keep in mind that will give your mane the utmost protection this summer.

sun hair protection how to protect hair in summer(via iStock)


The sun has no mercy on manes which means when your hair is under it, it’s baking like it does when you put a heat tool to it, if not roasting. Take an iron hiatus and flaunt that au naturel mane mother nature gifted you. Pinky promise, it’s worth it. And if the thought of flyaways freaks you out, easy—abuse your favorite finishing creme or mousse.


If you’re scoffing at the first tip, then keep reading this one. With their combination of nutrients and vitamins, the right supplements can help restore your hair’s health even if you live a heavy heat styling lifestyle. But, you know the MO–everything in moderation. Give your locks extra loving and protection from the rays with some of our favorite supplements.


No mane welcomes over processing, but especially in sizzling temps, it’s best to limit the amount of coloring you do to it. If you’re considering a new hue for the summer, book an appointment before the season starts–that way, your hair will have time to heal before the harsh rays hug it tightly.


As our ozone depletes, do your mane a favor and equip it with the sun shield that is SPF spray. Can’t be bothered with different products for different areas of your body? Then grab Shiseido’s multi-purpose face and body (that includes hair) sun protection spray with SPF 50. And since all summer fun leads to the glamorous outdoors, pack one of these hair packets, and before you set out to soak up the sun, apply it to your mane. We get that this isn’t the most practical sun protection method at, say, a wedding, but if you’re chillin’ at your bestie’s pool party or hiking Runyon, apply away!


Shampoos strip strands of their natural oils, so the last thing you want to do is that right before you take a dip in the chlorine-full pool or salty ocean, both places that also remove the good stuff from your hair. We know it’s impossible sometimes, but try lining up your pool plans with your no-wash days.


If you’re sporting super cute space buns or a mohawk braid, we get it–no hat’s touching that head. But if you’re wearing your hair down, in ponytail braids, or in a textured fishtail braid, top your tresses off with a hat. Fedora, baseball cap, beret–whatever your steez, put it on. Plus, protecting your precious strands from the sun is a perf excuse to go hat shopping.


When you don’t water your plants, they die. When you don’t nourish your body with water, you don’t die, but your system goes haywire without hydration. While it’s not a sole cause, dehydration can lead to brittle hair and nails. More water equals lush, plump locks. This is especially important in the summer, so take a water canteen everywhere you go.


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