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Breaking Down Pumpkin Spice, Fall’s Favorite Hair Color Trend

It’s that time of the year again—everything pumpkin spice is back in business. From lattes to locks, this rich orange-tinted shade practically dominates the October to December trend cycle. With strong ginger tones and a warm blend of brunette shades from chestnut to espresso, the pumpkin spice hair color trend is simply delicious. An ideal pick for a fall color refresh.

The pumpkin spice trend is anything but one-dimensional. To find out how to nail this classic autumn aesthetic, we consulted Philadelphia colorist Olivia Botelho for the full breakdown. Read on for her analysis of this staple shade!

Pumpkin Spice Hair Color, Explained

“When I think of pumpkin spice I think of that perfect balance between reflective and richness,” Botelho says. That blended but balanced nature makes pumpkin spice the ideal shade for fall—it’s subtle but surprising. “Think of the ideal fall foliage the bright golds and rich cayenne meshing together to create the perfect shade,” Botelho adds. Can you think of anything more gorgeous?

How to Get the Hue

That fall foliage aesthetic shines through with a multidimensional approach to the coloring process. This stylist’s go-to formula? “One of my favorite combinations for that pumpkin glow is L’Oréal Professionals Dia Richesse 7.440, 7.43, and 7.03 with 15 volume,” Botelho says. “If my guest is looking for extra dimension, I interchange the 7.03 with 9.03 to the hairline and possibly the mid-lengths and ends of the hair,” she continues.

Ease Into This Shade

We won’t beat around the bush, pumpkin spice is a bit of a commitment. “Before taking the plunge of shifting from something more natural to a little more eccentric, I tend to ease my clients in with glazing and custom foil placement to get the right amount of pops without globally shifting or changing their base,” Botelho recommends. Baby steps are best when it comes to making a major change.

At-Home Upkeep Is a Must

Trying something new this season? Pumpkin spice hair color requires curated care. “At-home maintenance is a must when rocking the ultimate fall color palette,” our expert explains. “Moroccanoil offers an amazing color-depositing conditioning mask and Evo Pro offers a custom mixed color depositing conditioner for at home,” she suggests. These simple steps will keep your pumpkin spice hair color bold and beautiful.

Another fall-centric shade is coming your way—dirty brunette is truly taking over. HERE is what you need to know!

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