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Don’t Get a Haircut Without Asking These 5 Questions First

Not all haircuts are made equal. Let’s admit it, we’ve been on the receiving end of a few not-so-great ones. To make sure your next hair encounter with a pro is flawless, follow this advice from celebrity hairstylist Tim Dueñas. Working with stars like Selena Gomez has given him an edge when it comes to expertly cutting, trimming, and everything in-between. Below are the questions to ask before getting a haircut, according to Dueñas.

Questions to ask before getting a haircut | Mane Addicts
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5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Haircut

1. What is the styling regimen?

“This is a really strong question and arguably the most important,” says Dueñas. “When you sit in the chair with pictures it helps to be realistic with the outcome you desire.” Our pro believes this is the first step in a recipe for a happy outcome.

2. Can I get it in a ponytail?

Dueñas thinks this is important to get out of the way if you are the type of person who is always putting your hair up. “We all love the lob, it seems like a good compromise between short and long. However, if getting your hair off of your face is paramount, your stylist can help give you the best length while still achieving the look,” he says.

3. Do I need products?

Before any haircut, you should assess if what you have in your product arsenal will be good enough for your new ‘do. “Product makes hair look and feel healthy. Whether you are air drying or blowing your hair out, it will make it look 100 times better,” Dueñas begins. “If you are product averse, have your stylist recommend one to two easy-to-use products.”

4. Am I being realistic?

“I feel that this question is not asked as often as it should be,” confesses Dueñas. “A lot of stylists want to please and this can lead to them trying to make all your dreams come true at once. I like to guide my clients into a look that is best for them,” he concludes.

5. What is the maintenance on this new look?

This is probably the most solid question you can tackle. “Once you know the maintenance of your new ‘do, you can schedule your appointments and make sure you always look gorgeous,” he says. Pro tip? “I like to have my clients book their next three appointments. That way they don’t have to try and remember when they were there last. And, bonus, they always look fresh!”

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