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MANE AMBITION: R and Co’s Amanda Wall

Amanda Wall Blonde Heavy Fringe

R+Co Creative director Amanda Wall has it all: brains, looks, and a total girl boss mentality. She’s responsible for the badass imagery on all our fave R+Co products, and you can even spot her modeling the ultimate cool-girl hairstyles by R+Co co-founder Howard McLaren.

After another collaboration with Howard, Whitehouse was born, a studio, concept store, and salon in Los Angeles. Amanda started as the Creative Director… totally in her element. She designed the entire look and feel of the studio, working on the interior design of the space, website and branding. She has since expanded the brand and created a new branch within the company, a boutique-modeling agency, Whitehouse Models. In creating the agency, Wall street cast all of their models with a character look in mind, rather than the typical “model” image. It was definitely out of the norm for the LA fashion industry, she gathered a group of punk rock girls and had Howard create “cool-girl” haircuts to define their looks and personal styles.

Co-Founder, Creative Director, and model?! We knew we had to get the scoop on how a busy businesswoman keeps up her cool-girl style all while she’s running the mane game.

Amanda Wall R and Co Hair Selfie

MA: When you aren’t modeling hairstyles for R+Co, what does your everyday style look like?

AW: Kind of dirty, I only wash my hair once a week.


MA: What are your go-to products to achieve that style?

AW: After I was my hair, I usually use BEL AIR Smoothing Shampoo + Conditioner, I always start with ONE Prep Spraythroughout, DALLAS Thickening Spray at the roots and PARK AVE Blowout Balm on the length and ends. I blow dry with a round brush. I basically let it do it’s own thing throughout the week, using DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo to freshen up my roots and bangs and HIGH DIVE Moisture + Shine Creme to revive my bleached ends.


MA: What are your all time favorite R+Co products?

AW: PARK AVE Blowout Balm + DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo


MA: What has been your favorite look that you’ve modeled for R+Co?

AW: I really like where my hair is at right now, long again. But I definitely consider going back to a bob on a weekly basis.

Blonde Pool Hair

MA: You’ve perfected “Cool Girl Hair”, what does that look like to you?

AW: It’s all about the haircut for me, I like it a bit dirty and disheveled. My ideal hair would look like a French actress from the 60s/70s who just woke up after a good party.


MA: Where do you draw inspiration from when designing R+Co product packaging?

AW: The packaging images are inspired mainly by the function of each product. I name all of the products too, so it’s very important for me to have a strong connection with what the product does in relation to it’s packaging identity. I like to use photos of very every-day things, subjects that everyone can relate to or have an emotional connection with on some level.


MA: Who inspires your creativity?

AW: I’m not sure if I can answer a specific “who” on this one. It’s easy for me to find inspiration anywhere, a film, a song, a weird street sign in k- town. I love Instagram for this purpose, it’s really changed the way we can share our references / inspiration on a daily basis and enables us to see beauty or a new visual perspective on something that we weren’t necessarily seeking out.

Amanda Wall Blonde Heavy Fringe Party Model

Find more inspiration from Amanda Wall on Instagram.

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