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This Product Changed The Way I View Dry Shampoo

The subject of “cool girl hair” has been such a hot topic, but you can’t have that cool factor when your hair is oily and greasy. We don’t always have time to give ourselves a proper lather, rinse, and repeat session but that’s when the miracle product dry shampoo comes in handy.

I had never really been a fan of dry shampoo because of the white streaky substance it left behind. But just like everyone else, I had to suck it up and brush out the white residue in order to make my hair look cleaner than before. With so many options on the market, I also came across a few other factors that determined I wasn’t the biggest dry shampoo fan. I hadn’t found a scent that I actually enjoyed and I also hadn’t found one that worked better than just “okay” for my hair texture.

Then one day I came across a dry shampoo paste and was immediately intrigued. Yes, you read that correctly—dry shampoo paste. Because of my curious nature, I had to see what this paste was all about in a sea of sprays that tends to get overwhelming. I had seen R+Co products all over my social media feeds and heard great things by word of mouth, but this dry shampoo really got my attention. The R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste is infused with volcanic ash, making it a total game-changer and so worth talking about. Ahead, why it turned my hesitation towards dry shampoos into a must-have staple in my hair care routine.

It smells amazing.

One of the first things I had always noticed about dry shampoos is that I always picked up fruity-scented ones, which isn’t my fragrance of choice. This paste, on the other hand, has a citrus-like scent that isn’t overbearing. I couldn’t stand the idea of walking around with my dry shampoo scent being too obvious, and this one just smells fresh.

The texture is unique.

A dry shampoo paste can sound confusing to anyone who reads those words on a label. After scooping out a dime-sized amount, you rub the formula in your hands and it practically turns invisible. It has a balmy-like texture, but you can feel the exfoliating properties too. Plus, you know it’s a bit more intense considering the fact that there’s literal volcanic ash in there. Other ingredients for the soft formula include coconut, jojoba, argan, and sunflower seed oils.

You only need a little bit.

Have you ever felt like you need to spray a ton of dry shampoo onto your hair in order to get the full effect? Probably! With Badlands, you never need to overdo it. As mentioned above, a small dime-sized amount can be rubbed onto your scalp. Just that small amount will make the obvious signs of oil production and impurities disappear.

It’s travel-friendly.

The struggle of traveling with aerosol cans is very real, but not with this dry shampoo. The paste comes in a pot and the amount also happens to be TSA-friendly—2.2 ounces to be exact. It’s compact to be stashed anywhere from your luggage to your purse without a hassle. The product will also last you such a long time that you can bring it along on several trips.

R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste: $29

(via R+Co)

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